Anonymous asked:

"It should be me" sounds like you feel entitled to her because you like her. She should make her own decisions.

Perhaps a better way of saying it world be, “it could’ve been me”. But I feel like I was kept the dark about this other guy which is why I said, “should”.

Haven’t spoken to this girl in almost a week and a half which is prossibly the longest time we haven’t spoken since we met almost 10 weeks ago.

Maybe I’m just over thinking things as usual. If she is happy, then I should be too surely….

It sucks when you realise that the girl you had a thing for ends up with someone else. Maybe I took too long to ask her out. Maybe I’m just the wrong guy for her. Or maybe things were meant to happen this way. 

Either way, it hurts. 

It should be me, not someone else. 

Scrubs - My Cold Shower

[at Elliot’s proposal party]

J.D.: As I looked at all the relationships around me - some that had gone on forever…

[shot of Perry and Jordan]

J.D.: …some that were reigniting…

[shot of Carla and Turk]

J.D.: …and some that had just begun…

[shot of Elliot and Keith]

J.D.: I realized something…

[cut to J.D. in the shower]

J.D.: It should have been me.